Vietnam Aqua-Farm 2021.05.11


Mr. KIM(Executive director at GeomexSoft) with several people visited to Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi in Vietnam from 4th Jan 2015 to 12th Jan 2015 in order to survey study area and sign MOU with Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology related to Vietnam Aqua-Farm.


01. 05.(Mon)

Vietnam environment technology institute, NETNAM COVISOFT (Vietnam ICT company), Vietnam Economic Investment Association 

- Carrying out consultation and information regarding environment and marine part

- Market investigation and research tasks regarding river management monitoring system 

- Facilities management function linked GIS 




01. 06.(Tue)

Environment monitoring center, RIA2(Marine institute), VAST(Vietnam Advanced Science and Technology – Ho Chi Minh branch)

- Accumulation monitoring data during decade (atmosphere, water quality)

- Planning to start automatic monitoring of industrial complex from 2015

- Notifying after the investigation regarding current status of establishing GIS



01. 07(Wed)

Meeting with Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Vietnam / Meeting with head of Shindong Digitech corporation of Vietnam branch

- Director of Aquaculture Department – Le Thanh Chau

- Commitment to assertive support aqua-farm

- Interested in watershed management monitoring system

- Wish to sign MOU between governments (Korea government – Ministry of agriculture, Vietnam)



01. 08(Thur)

Meeting with Hanla ENC, Vietnam(Hai Phong project)


01. 09(Fri)

Visiting RIA2 pilot farm and savage land farm

- Discussion about detail information after signing MOU

- Problem of cadastral property rights / Introducing farm / Supporting prawn algorithm

- Check the various education schedules such as workshop


01. 10(Sat)

Meeting with Medics for Vietnam and Peace: Korea NGO (2015 own expense dentist medical services) -> interested in KOICA business -> demand to push ahead project linked monitoring

- Wish to consult Korean companies regarding many investment projects such as World Bank

- Discussion regarding whether supporting farm at regionality: Positive answer.

- Suggest making a system, which can link deeply to Ministry of agriculture at regionality


By this business trip, GeomexSoft needs to seek diversified entry of Vietnam market related to GIS solution through continuous management. Furthermore, GeomexSoft will have a plan development of new market through development of a solution linked GIS and water resources, and entry Vietnam market based on success of Aqua-Farm project.