We obtained GIS standard certification OGC certification through continuous technology development efforts
and achieved standardization of company management through GS certification and IOS 9001 certification.

In addition, we have improved the recognition of the company and its products through numerous
GIS awards and media reports, and our technical skills have been recognized externally through 17 patents.

  • OGC
    Representative standardization organization that standardizes services related to spatial information at present WMS : HTTP-based interface to request and receive video maps from multiple distributed DBs WFS / WFS-T : A web service interface that enables querying and exchanging information on feature objects. WCS : Interface to support the extraction of geographic data using digital geospatial information so that spatial information that changes temporally and temporally can be expressed.
  • GS
    A system that certifies quality through thorough product testing with a test bed in the actual operating environment D-DAS 3.0, XEUS 2.0, XEUS AILIS, MapOS, MapOS for evaluating the functionality, reliability and interoperability that measure the quality of SW through various testing equipment at the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association (TTA) test and certification laboratory. Acquired GS certification for Android and GEOMEX-WEB.
  • ISO 9001
    A system in which a third party certification body evaluates and certifies that customer requirements are satisfied and maintained continuously International standards for quality management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) minimize the risk of buyers purchasing low-quality products or services, and companies that have obtained ISO 9001 certification minimize waste of resources and errors and improve productivity. This can significantly improve organizational efficiency and product quality.
  • 수상
    Recognized for its contribution to the development of source technology and applied technology for spatial information, he has been awarded a number of national and public institutions, including the Prime Minister's citation, and is able to provide national geospatial information technology development and benefits to the public through continuous spatial information technology development. We are focusing on developing solutions.
  • 특허
    It has obtained 17 patents through the convergence of technology with the GIS engine developed with its own technology and other technology fields, and is a technology-oriented GIS specialized company that is pursuing additional patent applications for other fields. Obtained 17 patents related to geospatial information technology, image detection technology, and image provision technology